We provide our Customers with equipment adapted to their needs. From standard to customized machines and production lines. In case you take advantage of our offer, you are provided with comprehensive service and guarantee of products of highest quality.
You may count on professionalism at each stage of our cooperation.

1. Enquiry

Each enquiry from you is analysed from the perspective of manufacturing needs. Your present and future needs represent specific parameters, dimensions and technologies. Based on them we present variants that are optimized for you. In our work we are open for new solutions adapted to specifics of your production. You can count on professionalism and comprehensive approach to each enquiry.


2. Refining details

We clarify together all details of your order and start design works. At this stage we consult with you any ideas and variants to obtain the optimized design. We know that only thoroughly considered solutions mean efficiency and real savings in manufacturing process. Our reach and extensive experience is translated into best concepts for you.


3. Design implementation

We perform implementation works according to a design that was accepted by you. After completion of works we make trial start-up which takes place at our company. We perform meticulous tests to check operation of all sub-assemblies, we check the strength and efficiency of structure. Customers are guaranteed to receive the equipment that has already been tested and consequently high comfort of work with new equipment.


4. Acceptance of equipment

When we acknowledge that everything meets Customer's requirements, we prepare the equipment for shipment. We make every effort to deliver the equipment to Customers as complete and not requiring any additional assembly. However, if due to overall dimensions it is not technically possible, then the assembly is made by our technical staff at your place. We also do the trial and operational start-up, as well as we conduct a training for your staff. After signing of acceptance protocol, we do the commissioning of equipment.


5. Guarantee of comprehensive service

All equipment manufactured by our company is certified according to Polish and CE standards. We grant a guarantee for all our devices. We provide 48-hour response time of our professional and experienced staff under the guarantee and full post-guarantee service.

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